Simplify your planning process.

Enhance the efficiency and vibrancy of your planning sessions, incorporating voting scales like Fibonacci and T-Shirt sizes can truly make all the difference.

FreeNo session time limit

Real-time votes and estimations

Enables you to quickly gather and analyze team input. Whether you're voting on priorities or estimating project timelines, you can now receive immediate feedback and make faster, more informed decisions.

Perfect for keeping everyone aligned.

Agilpal layoutAgilpal layout

Transforming how teams collaborate

Embark on a journey of unparalleled collaboration excellence with AgilPal. Explore a suite of innovative features below, designed to redefine teamwork and elevate your planning sessions.

Role-Based Collaboration

Tailor collaboration to perfection! Assign roles for precision teamwork. From Scrum Master to Product Owner, everyone plays their part seamlessly

Spectator Mode

Bring transparency to a whole new level! Let stakeholders observe planning sessions without disrupting the flow. Engage and align effortlessly

Screenshare Mode

Cast your vote secretly while sharing the screen! Let everyone vote discreetly and maintain a keen ear to everyone's opinions

Set Your Mood

Seamlessly integrate your feelings into planning sessions, fostering a dynamic and empathetic atmosphere. Whether it's focus, celebration, or inspiration.

Light and Dark Mode

Tailor your experience to match your work environment and personal preference. Switch effortlessly between the vibrant clarity of Light Mode and the sleek elegance of Dark Mode

Multilingual Support

Empower diverse teams to plan, communicate, and innovate seamlessly in their language of choice, effortlessly collaborate with team members around the globe.

Ready to transform your planning experience?

Elevate collaboration, streamline efficiency, and embrace innovation with Ágilpal. Unleash the power of seamless planning your success starts here!.